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Anzac Battlefields of World War One
Gallipoli from Ocean Beach

This website will take you on a journey to discover and experience the places significant to the history of all Australians and New Zealanders. Every city, town and village is directly connected to these places through the names on their local war memorial. You will follow in the footsteps of the original Anzacs, and with imagination, see some of what they would have seen. Some of these places may look very ordinary, but they are sacred to Australian and New Zealand memory as many still contain the remains of these original Anzacs.

The magic of immersive panoramic photography will give you an experience close to actually being there. You can use the mouse to look around in every direction, to zoom in and out and to display the image completely filling your screen. Each link will open the image in a new window, which you can close when finished. The panoramas use Flash and you will need to have version 9 or later installed for them to work. Each Flash file is from 500 to 1000kb in size, so you may need to be patient as it is downloading.

Each panoramic image is a frozen moment in time. They were taken in May 2009, the Northern Spring. The images contain whatever happened to be there at the time and have not been retouched. The only things missing are the sounds (some of these may be added later) and the smell. For the smell in Belgium imagine freshly turned and ferlilised soil as the farmers were working their fields, and for Gallipoli, put a bunch of flowers and crushed thyme next to your computer.

Each panoramic image includes an aerial shot (from Google Maps) at the nadir (bottom of the image) so that you can work out where it was taken.

There are currently 118 panoramas available. These include:

Belgium - Battle of Polygon Wood (7 panoramas), Menin Gate (1panorama), Battle of Broodseinde Ridge (15 panoramas), Hill 60 and Hellfire Corner (5 panoramas), Langemark German Cemetery (4 panoramas), Battle of Messines (4 panoramas), Battle of Passchendaele (7 panoramas).

France - Battle of Fromelles (5 panoramas), Battle of Pozieres (13 panoramas), Newfoundland Memorial Park (12 panoramas) Battle of Verdun (13 panoramas), Australian National Memorial near Villers-Bretonneux (4 panoramas).

Turkey - Gallipoli (28 panoramas) NEW

This project was inspired and assisted by Mat McLachlan's excellent publication "Walking With The ANZACs". It is worthwhile to refer to the information in this book while looking at the panoramas.


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