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Battle of Messines Belgium

Messines Town Square Road out of Messines
Views of Messines (Mesen) township - the town square and one of the main streets

Messines is a town on a low ridge that was a strategic part of the German line in the southern part of the Ypres salient. It had to be captured if the British were to break out of the salient. On 7th June 1917 19 large mines exploded and 10 Divisions attacked the line. The New Zealand Division were to capture the town while the Australian 3rd Division under Gen Monash and the 4th Division in support attacked the south and east of the town. The battle is considered a great victory for the British armies. There is a Ross Bastiaan plaque in the middle of the town square describing the battle, read its inscription here.

There are four panoramas of the Messines battlefield.

1, The Roadside at the Southern End of the Town

2. The Island of Ireland Peace Park

3. The Pillbox at the New Zealand Memorial

4. The New Zealand Memorial



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