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Dugout at Passchendaele Museum, Zonnebeke, Belgium
The Passchendaele Museum at Zonnebeke contains a reconstruction of a World War One British Dugout. One descends several flights of steep stairs surrounded by the ambient sounds of WW1 battle into the dimly lit wood lined dugout. This also has surround sound of muffled battle, the drainage pumps and events occurring in the dugout as you walk to various displays. For example, the bunk room has snoring sounds and the office has typing sounds. This all makes for an authentic simulated experience.

Passchendaele Chateau Museum
The Zonnebeke Chateau Museum (Passchendaele Museum) at Zonnebeke is set in the middle of a park with a small lake in front of it. It was the location of a dramatic incident during WW1 where both the Germans and Australians had inadvertently planned an attack for the same time. The troops met in the middle of no-mans-land in the early hours of the 4th October 1917.

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